About Us

Welcome to Winthrop Manor. After working in Social Services for the City of Richmond and seeing the type of facilities available for elderly individuals, I wanted to be able to provide clean and comfortable housing for people. I bought my first assisted living facility in Petersburg Etrick in 1988, then I added one in Petersburg in 1991. A third was later acquired in Blackstone, Virginia.

I had always wanted to have a bright, airy open facility where residents could live in bright roomy spaces. Then I found Winthrop Manor. Almost as soon as I walked in the door I was excited. This was it! Here was this beautiful old granite former school building with great large windows everywhere. There was mobility - freedom. Most homes are limited by lack of space. He we have wonderful open spaces sitting on an entire city block surrounded by grass and trees.

I want this to be your home - enjoy it as if it were your home. If you have questions, I would welcome a call or visit.

Celestine Hicks, Owner

2100 Idlewood Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23220